The society was founded 60 years ago and has been keeping itself abreast with the latest research in the area of Genetics and Plant Breeding by encouraging active integration among its members through topical seminar/symposia to bring about the awareness among its members and the public at large. The Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding is a periodical for the publication of records of original research in all branches of genetics, plant breeding and cytology, including human genetics, molecular biology and biotechnology, and other cognate sciences of sufficient importance and of such a character as to be of primary interest to the geneticist and plant breeders.


Vol. 82 No. 04 (2022): The Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding

Published: 2022-11-12

Evidence for association of southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus with the recently emerged stunting disease of rice in North-West India

Susheel K. Sharma, Amalendu Ghosh, Nitika Gupta, Virendra K. Baranwal, Sumit Jangra, Pooja Thapa, Damini Diksha, Ashok K. Singh


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