Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding


Fellow, Elected 2018

Dr. Vikas Venu Kumaran did his Ph. D. in the year 2009 from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. He is Scientist (Senior Scale) at ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Regional Station, Wellington.


Dr. Vikas V.K., has significantly contributed in the field of wheat improvement. He has made noteworthy contributions in wheat improvement through his association in the development and release of seventeen wheat varieties including eleven varieties of bread wheat, four durum wheat and two dicoccum wheat for various wheat growing regions of India. Instrumental in the commercialization of first oat variety(HWO1001) for breakfast purpose which fulfills the objective of "Make in India". He had developed/identified six genetic stocks for seedling and adult plant rust resistance genes and one genetic stock for drought tolerance. Associated with the identification of new leaf rust resistance gene(Lr79) which can diversify the rust resistance gene pool. Played a vital role in the characterisation and evaluation of nearly 19,460 wheat accessions conserved at National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources(NBPGR), which entered in the Limca Book of Records-2013 for the largest characterisation of wheat germplasm. First reported the genetic architecture of hybrid necrosis in wheat which follows the Bateson–Dobzhansky–Muller(BDM) model of incompatibility reaction. Played a active role in the development of first novel wheat and rye pollen germination media which has >95% pollen germination in vitro.

Dr. Vikas V.K., received many prestigious awards, viz., Borlaug Global Rust Initiative(BGRI) - Gene Stewardship Award-2018, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences(NAAS) - Associate-2018, Dr. R.S. Paroda award for Young Scientist-2016 of Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources(ISPGR),  Endeavour Research Fellowship-2016 and selected for ICAR Award for Outstanding Interdisciplinary Team Research in Agricultural and Allied Sciences-2017. He has published about 25 research articles in reputed National and International journals. He has handled nine research projects financed by ICAR, DBT and BRNS.

Considering all his achievements and outstanding contributions in  the field of Wheat improvement, the Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding has recommended his