Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding


Fellow, Elected 2022

Dr. Bhudeva Singh Tyagi was born on May 01, 1963, in a village Bihuni of District Meerut, U.P. He received B.Sc. (Ag.) degree in 1982; M.Sc. (Ag. Bot.) in 1984, M.Phil.  in 1986 and Ph.D. in 1989 from the Institute of Advance Studies, Meerut University, Meerut.

Dr. Tyagi started his professional career in teaching and taught M.Sc. (Ag) and M. Phil classes from 1990 to 1992 at Institute of Advance Studies, Meerut University Campus, Meerut. In 1993, he joined ARS service of ICAR at NAARM Hyderabad. He served Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore as a subject matter trainee and did cytogenetics of more than 150 wild accessions of Sugarcane. He joined ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research, Karnal (then Directorate of Wheat Research) in 1994. Dr. Tyagi became Senior Scientist in 1998 and Principal Scientist in 2009 at ICAR-IIWBR, Karnal.

 Dr Tyagi is recipient of several awards/ honors which include Best Institute Award by ICAR in 1997 as team member, Team member of The Chaudhary Devi Lal Outstanding All India Coordinated Research Project Award by ICAR in 2011, Most Cited Paper Award 2020 by SAWBR, Meerut Ratna Award in Science from Vigyan Club, Associate Editor, The Royal Society of Crop Science, Meerut; Member of Research Advisory Group of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education.  He is a founder member and fellow of the Society for Advancement of Wheat and Barley Research.

Dr Tyagi has contributed significantly in both durum and bread wheat by developing 14 high yielding varieties including DBW 17, DBW 71, DBW 88, DDW 47, DDW 48, DBW 222, DBW 227; Registered 50 wheat genotypes with NBPGR for unique traits like high content of specific nutrient such as zinc, iron, yellow pigment, protein content, water use efficient lines, heat tolerant lines, and resistance to various diseases. He has successfully developed wheat synthetics and amphidiploids involving wild sources. Maintaining and using 250 accessions of 15 wild species of wheat for improving wheat. Characterized and documented 50 wild accessions of Aegilops.  Also worked on lentil cytogenetics for making translocation tester set.    He has published more than 60 research papers in various journals of repute; authored five books and 10 book chapters, 10 research and technical bulletins.

The Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding feels proud to bestow on Dr. Bhudeva Singh Tyagi the fellowship of the Society for his outstanding contributions in Genetics and Breeding of crops.