Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding


Fellow, Elected 1992

Born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India on 1st July 1961. Graduated (B.Sc.(Ag)) from RBS College, Agra, (Agra University), 1981; completed M.Sc. (Plant Breeding) in 1984 and Ph.D. (Plant Breeding) in 1988 from GB Pant University of Agriculture and technology, Pantnagar, India.

Senior Scientist – II, International Rice Research Institute, Philippines

Scientist S-1 from Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI) Karnal under ICAR as rice breeder for problem soils; continued to work at CSSRI, Karnal until September 2008 in different positions and voluntary retired as Principal Scientist (Senior Rice Breeder) from ICAR. Joined IRRI as Rice breeder for salt-affected areas and continuing until 2018.

Awards/Honours: PARRFI Research and Development Award–Research Category, Philippines - 2014; IRRI Semi-Annual Team Awards (SATA) for 2013; Recognition and honour for outstanding service to the nation by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), DARE, Government of India– 2013; Conferred “Hari Om Ashram National Agriculture Award” for biennium 2001-2002 for the Improvement in Rice Productivity in salt affected areas in India by ICAR, Government of India – 2003; Chancellor Medal for being one of the best two candidates in B.Sc.(Ag.), Agra University, Agra - 1981 conferred by Agra University, Agra (UP)

Fellow: National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS); Indian Society of Genetics and PlantBreeding

Research Areas: Breeding rice for problem soils and heat tolerance; Generation of Novel Genetic Resources through “multiple advance generation intercross (MAGIC)”

Address: Permanent: I/171 A, Karey Ka Tal, Delhi Gate, Agra – 282002 (India); email: