Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding


Fellow, Elected 2022

Dr. Ponnuvel Senguttuvel was born on 9th January 1979 at Attur Taluk, Salem, Tamilnadu. He completed his B.Sc. (Ag.), M. Sc. (Plant Breeding and Genetics) and Ph. D. (Plant Breeding and Genetics) in 2001, 2004 and 2008 from Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. He joined ICAR-NAARM on 26th June 2008, later on he joined Indian Institute of Rice Research Hyderabad on 3rd Nov 2008, and got promoted to Scientist (Sr. Scale) in June 2011, and became Senior Scientist in June 2017and continue to work in hybrid rice

Dr. Senguttuvel is the recipient of Prof. Seetharaman Young Scientist Award, ICAR-IIRR and visited International Rice Research Institute, Manila.

Dr. Senguttuvel has contributed immensely in the rice improvement through the development of parental lines and hybrids for abiotic stresses and also application of molecular markers for the improvement of key traits for climate resilient hybrids. He has developed four high-yielding, early maturing direct seeded aerobic rice varieties/hybrid viz., DRR Dhan 41, DRR Dhan 55, DRR Dhan 57 and DRRH4. He was also involved in development and release of MAS derived six rice varieties namely DRR Dhan 53, DRR Dhan 56, DRR Dhan 58, DRR Dhan 59, DRR Dhan 60 and DRR Dhan 62. His research team has identified the candidate gene for WA-CMS trait, WA352 and the candidate gene PPR for Rf4 (fertility restoration) and major QTL - qBL3 for leaf and neck blast resistance; parental lines and hybrids with enhanced grain Fe and Zn in aerobic conditions; improved APMS6B, a maintainer line of DRRH3 hybrid for Pup1 and BB (Xa21, Xa38 and PuP1) through MABB; introgressed yield-enhancing genes i.e. Gn1a, SCM2, OsSPL14 into major rice varieties in collaboration with IRRI and DBT. Being the PI of DBT project, he developed improved restorers for development of climate resilient hybrids with drought tolerant QTLs (qDTY 12.1, Saltol and Sub1) through MABB approach. He sucessfully heat tolerant QTLs (qHTS1.1 and qHTS4.1) from N22 into restorer line of rice through MABB approach. He has actively involved in development of gene-pyramid lines in the genetic background of Improved Samba Mahsuri, Akshayadhan, MTU1010 and the parental lines IR58025B, APMS6B, DRR17B, KMR3R, RPHR1005R possessing durable resistance against biotic & abiotic stresses and low soil phosphorus tolerance (Pup1) through MAS. He has guided four Ph. D. students and six M.Sc. students. Dr. Senguttuvel has published 82 papers in national (38) and international journals (45) and has authored 15 books, book chapters, technical bulletins and popular articles.

The Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding feels proud to bestow Dr. Ponnuvel Senguttuvel the Fellowship of the Society for his contributions in Genetics and Breeding of Crops.