Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding


Fellow, Elected 2020

Born on June 16, 1980, Dr S. L. Krishnamurthy obtained his Ph D in Genetics and Plant Breeding from the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore in 2009. He started his professional career as Scientist (Plant Breeding) with ICAR Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI), Karnal (Haryana) in 2009. He has been working with ICAR-CSSRI in various positions. Since 2009, he worked as Scientist, Scientist (Sr. Grade) and Senior Scientist. He is also working as member secretary for Institute Bio Safety Committee (IBSC) and Institute Research Council (IRC) at CSSRI Karnal.

Dr. S L Krishnamurthy has made noteworthy contributions in improvement of salt tolerance in rice by developing five salt tolerant rice varieties viz., CSR46, CSR49, CSR52, CSR56 and CSR60. He developed and identified four salt tolerant genetic stocks in rice viz., CSR47, CSR51, CSR53 and CSR59. Through effective integration of modern molecular tools with conventional breeding, he has developed salt tolerant lines (NILs) in the background of Pusa44, and Sajoo52. He developed the pass port data of 9000 rice accessions for 30 qualitative and quantitative traits and has been submitted to NRRD portal for further utilization by the scientific community. His current focus is on introgression of salt tolerance QTLs for reproductive stage in rice; and blast and bacterial leaf blight (BLB) in Basmati CSR30. He also focuses on identification of novel QTLs for salt tolerance at reproductive stage in rice and their introgression in mega rice varieties.

Dr. S L Krishnamurthy has secured research funding from various national and international sources. Currently, he is Principal Investigator of eight research projects aimed at development of salt tolerance rice genotypes/varieties through conventional and molecular approaches, and identification and introgression of salt tolerance QTLs in mega rice varieties.

Dr. S L Krishnamurthy has published 65 research papers, 2 books, 13 book chapters, 1 practical manual, 2 reviews and 5 magazine/popular articles. He has guided 3 Ph D and 14 M Sc students. Dr. S L Krishnamurthy has delivered 9 seminar/symposium lectures on crop improvement for salt tolerance at various national and international fora. He strengthened the phenotyping and molecular facility at CSSRI, Karnal.

The Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding feels proud to bestow on Dr. S L Krishnamurthy Fellowship of the Society for his outstanding contributions in rice breeding.