Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding


Fellow, Elected 2020

Born on June 19, 1976, Dr Suma S. Biradar obtained her Ph D in Genetics and Plant Breeding from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad in 2006. She started her professional career as Jr. Breeder @ AICRP on Safflower, ARS, Annigeri. Since 2009, she has been working at AICRP on Wheat, MARS, UAS, Dharwad as Junior Breeder and currently working as Sr. Scientist since 2019.

Dr. Suma S. Biradar has ten years of experience in wheat breeding and involved in development and notification of seven wheat varieties (four bread wheat and three durum wheat) as developer. Apart from these, two varieties in chickpea and one in sesame have been released. Recently six wheat varieties of Suma S. Biradar have been patented through PPV & FRA, New Delhi, India. She has registered three national genetic stocks and 15 University genetic stocks of wheat with NBPGR, New Delhi. Her current focus is on investigation on salinity tolerance, development of free threshable lines in dicoccum wheat, identification and pyramiding of diverse QTLs for NUE and pyramiding of new sources of leaf rust minor genes in background of major genes in wheat.

Dr. Suma S. Biradar has strong international collaboration wherein, she worked as Principal and CoInvestigator with Australian and CIMMYT counterparts under Generation Challenge Programme and IIWBR, Karnal and CIMMYT in different projects viz., CSISA, BMZ, Indo-Australian Project on Quality and competitive grant programme of NUE. She has handled 15 different research projects of worth > Rs 100 crores so far through national and international funding agencies. She has nominated as wheat Expert in the National monitoring team from 2012 to 2020. Currently, Dr Suma S. Biradar is Principal Investigator of two research projects one project is aimed to assess distinctiveness, uniformity and stability, the characteristics and their states of varieties, hybrids and parental lines of Durum to be tested and another project aimed at identification and development of superior germplasms and release of varieties with higher micronutrient content in both Durum and Dicoccum wheat.

Dr Suma S. Biradar has published 80 research articles in reputed National and International Journals, 2 books, 10 short notes, 2 edited books, 2 book chapters, 4 practical manuals, 10 popular articles, 105 abstracts and 25 leaflets. She offers several courses to graduates and post graduates students. She has successfully guided 8 students for M.Sc (Agri) degree in both disciplines viz., Dept. of Genetics and Plant Breeding and Dept. of Biotechnology who worked on conventional and molecular breeding in biotic stress, abiotic stress and quality aspects of wheat.

The Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding feels proud to bestow on Dr Suma S. Biradar Fellowship of the Society for her outstanding contributions in Genetics and Plant Breeding.