Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding

Dr. Gyanendra Singh, PS & PI (Crop Improvement) ICAR -IIW&BR, Karnal

Dr. V.S. Mathur Memorial Award (Biennial), 2020

Dr. Gyanendra Singh completed his B.Sc.Ag. (Hons.) and M.Sc.Ag. (Ag.Botany)from JVC, Baruat in 1982 and 1984;M.Phil. (Ag Botany) from Institute of Advanced Studies, Meerut University Meerut in 1985; Ph.D. course work1991-92 at Mississippi State University (MSU), Starkville, USA and Ph.D. (Ag Botany) in 1998 CCS University, Meerut.He started his scientific career as ARS (Plant Breeding) at ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Sikkim Centre, Gangtok (Sikkim) in 1986. In 1995, he joined at ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research (erstwhile DWR), Karnal, and got promoted to Principal Scientist in 2006. From 2018, he is serving as Principal Investigator (Crop Improvement), ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research (ICAR-IIWBR), Karnal. Dr. Singh has made significant contribution in wheat researchcombining both conventional and molecular breeding approaches.

Dr. Gyanendra Singh has been involved in development and release of 23wheat varieties for different zones and production conditions of the country. Besides, he has registered33 genetic stocks for novel traits to his credit.Dr Singhhas published 143 research papersin peer reviewed journals, 30 book chapters, 14 edited books,more than 50 popular articles, 07 training manuals and 12 technical bulletins.

Dr Singh is the recipient of USAID Fellowship for 18 months to work at Mississippi State University Mississippi, USA from January 1991 to June 1992, Certificate of Achievements from United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA) for training at University of Florida (USA). He has been Member, Scientific Advisory Committee of the PPV& FRA, New Delhi; Distinguished Scientist Award(2014), SSDAT in the field of Plant Breeding; Best Research Team Award of DWR, Karnal (2006); DWR Best Scientist (Research Grant CategoryAward-2012); Fellow, Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding (ISGPB) Fellow (1991); Fellow, Society for Advancement of Wheat and Barley Research (2014), Life Member, Sikkim Science Society, Gangtok and Life Member of National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad, India; Associate editor, Journal of Wheat Research(JWR) and Vice-President, SAWBR, Karnal.