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Dr. Mahesh Rao Scientist (Plant Genetics) at ICARNational Institute for Plant Biotechnology, New De

Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujam Memorial Award (Biennial), 2019

Dr. Mahesh Rao completed his M.Sc. (Ag.) in Genetics and Plant Breeding in 2008 from CSAUA&T, Kanpur and Ph. D. in the year 2017 from Banaras Hindu University. He is Scientist (Plant Genetics) at ICARNational Institute for Plant Biotechnology, New Delhi.

Dr. Mahesh Rao has significantly contributed in the field of pre-breeding of rapeseed mustard. His research focuses mostly on resynthesis of Brassica juncea and introgression of gene(s) from Brassica crop wild relatives (CWR) to the cultivated B. juncea. He is working on diversifying Indian mustard by utilizing Brassica crop wild relative (CWR) for further improvement. Credit for development of three germplasm, which are registered with ICAR-NBPGR, goes to him. One is unique Brassica rapa vr. yellow sarson germplasm NRCPB rapa 8 (IC0623820 with registration no.: INGR17050), which produce in-vivo seeds when crossed with Brassica nigra avoiding the tissue culture procedure, is playing an excellent role for the resynthesis of Brassica juncea. Another two germplasm of B. juncea (IC265495 with registration no. INGR18032 and IC313380 with registration no.INGR18033) are resistant to the white rust disease. Till date he has developed more than 90 resynthesized B. juncea lines along with one introgression population (with 156 lines) from wild species for increasing genetic diversity as well as Alternaria and white rust resistance. He also has a good experience of research in the field of plant breeding, genetics and cytogenetics.

Dr. Rao has presented his research at different national and international platforms and also published some quality research papers in journals of international repute. He has been awarded young scientist award, best poster award, best oral presentation award for his work from different societies and conferences. He has successfully guided eight master students (M. Sc. and M. Tech.) for their dissertation thesis belonging from many university/Institute across the country. At present he is involved in three projects funded by SERB, DBT and ICAR. He had research collaboration with many institutes in India viz., GBPUAT, Pantnagar; ICAR-IARI, Delhi; AAU, Assam, ICAR-NBPGR, Delhi etc. During April 2019 to June 2019, he received fellowship for the short term training at PHASE lab, Department of Plant Breeding, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany with Dr. Annaliese S. Mason on “advanced cytogenetic tools and techniques in relation to interspecific hybridization and polyploidy for Brassica crop improvement”

Considering all his achievements and outstanding contributions in the field of Genetics & Plant Breeding, the ISGPB COMMITTEE OF AWARDS has recommended his name for the SRINIVASA RAMANUJAM MEMORIAL AWARD-2019 as such the Society confers upon him th the same today on the 14 December 2019.