Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding


Dr. S.V. Sai Prasad IARI Regenal Station, Indore

Dr. V.S. Mathur Memorial Award (Biennial), 2017

Dr. S. V. Sai Prasad did his Ph.D. in the year 1995 from ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. He is presently Principal Scientist and Head of ICAR-IARI, Regional Station, Indore.

Dr. Prasad was awarded INSA Visiting, Scientist Fellowship “ICAR Award for Outstanding in Agricultural and Allied Sciences” as team member, NAIP Training Visiting Scientist Fellowship, “Outstanding Achievement Award: in Plant Breeding”, 'Fellow” award by Society for Advancement of Wheat Research, and “Gold Medal” for securing First position in 2nd batch of PGDTMA from NAARM, Hyderabad. Dr. Prasad played lead role in developing three improved durum wheat varieties – HI 8663 (Poshan), HI 8713 (Pusa Mangal) and HI 8737 (Pusa Anmol). Actively contributed in bringing back the cultivation of durum wheat and its popularization in Central India and durum wheat variety HI 8663 (Poshan) was included in Nutri-Farm Scheme of GOI. He associated with the development of six improved wheat varieties including one durum wheat – 'Malav Kirti', and five bread wheats – 'Swarna', 'Amrita', 'Harshita', 'Purna' and 'Pusa Prachi'. He played prominent role in developing two genetic stocks of durum wheat viz., HI 8591 and HI 8708 registered at NBPGR, New Delhi. Resistance genes (Sr2 and Sr36) were pyramided in durum wheat background (HI 8498) through marker assisted selection for improving resistance to stem rust race -117group. He was involved in six network projects as PI and Co-PI with CIMMYT, Mexico, CSIRO, Canberra, DBT, New Delhi, PPV&FRA, New Delhi and IIWBR, Karnal. He visited CIMMYT, Mexico (3 months); CSIRO, Australia; National Science Academy, Rome, Italy; CIMMYT, Nepal; and CIMMYT, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Diverse sources of stem and leaf rust resistance were identified in durum wheat – 'AKDW 3347', 'B 662', 'P 6046', 'ED 2398A', 'HG 110', 'Line 1172' and 'IWP5019', which can be utilized to broaden rust resistance base in durum wheat. He guided 2 Ph. D students and 14 M.Sc. students. He has so far published than 48 papers in national and international journals and attended many international and national conferences/seminars.

Considering all the achievement and contribution in the field of Agriculture (Genetics and Plant Breeding). The BOARD OF AWARDS of the Society has recommended his name for the ISGBP VS MATHUR MEMORIAL AWARD 2017, as such the Society confers upon him TH the same today on the 5 OCTOBER, 2017