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Studies on factors involved in transfer of foreign gene by pipetting Agrobacterium into spikelets of wheat

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Studies were conducted on wheat cv. UP 2338 for various
factors involved in gene transfer by pipetting
Agrobacterium suspension into florets using indirect pollen
system. Pollen grains showed germination after 20 min
of pollination that was considered as an optimum time
for Agrobacterium inoculation. After 20 min of pollination
5111 of Agrobacterium (LBA4404 containing binary vector
pB1121) suspension was pipetted into the florets. Gram
negative staining for Agrobacterium showed presence of
pink colour after 20 min of Agrobacterium inoculation and
at later stages some parts of pistil and pollen took pink
colour. The seeds obtained after Agrobacterium inoculation
into the florets showed 5.5% putative transformation
frequency when screened against 500 mgll kanamycin.
Based on phenotypic observations it can be concluded
that it is possible to transfer foreign gene via pollen
through Agrobacterium

Keywords: Agrobacterium, pollen, transformation, Triticum aestivum


Year: 2001
Volume: 61
Issue: 4
Article DOI: NA
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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