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Stability of wheat genotypes for yield and moisture stress tolerance traits

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Forty genotypes of wheat were evaluated over six
environments under different moisture regimes for their
yield performance. Genotype x environment interaction
was found significant for plant height, peduncle length,
grain yield, biological yield, LPH/PH index, PULPH index
PUPH index, ear length, tillers per meter and harvest
index. On partitioning it into linear and non-linear
components, both were responsible for expression of the
traits. However, the linear component was found larger
in magnitude than the non-linear component suggesting
that the variation in the performance of different cultivars
could be predicted. The genotypes RR 49 and IB2K1-37
were found to be stable across environments for grain
yield, while genotypes RR 888, RR 49, IB2K1-66, RS 897,
RR 24 and IB2K1-37 were found to be stable across
environments for yield components like 1000 grain weight,
biological yield and tillers per meter. Genotypes DL 153-2,
DL 788-2 and RR 19 were found to be having stable
performance for plant height and component characters
under stress environments. Thus these genotypes could
be included in the hybridization programme to converge
the stability characteristics of seed yield for development
of a stable variety adapted to wider range of environments

Keywords: Wheat, stability, regression coefficient, moisture stress


Year: 2007
Volume: 67
Issue: 2
Article DOI: NA
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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