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Simultaneous testing of genotype x environment interaction and stability for more than one trait

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This problem of simultaneous testing of stability for more
than one trait is tackled here with the multivariate analysis
of variance (MANOVA) approach considering the three
important traits of sugarcane, viz. yield, ccs and sucrose
simultaneously and by extending the perkins and jinks'
model [1-3] of univariate. Results indicated significant
variety x location interaction for all the traits, whether it
is tested by the univariate or multivariate analysis.
Regarding the significance of regression coefficients and
deviation from regression under univariate (Perkins and
Jinks approach) and multivariate testing the analyses
showed that in most of the cases, if all the regression
coefficients are significant then regression matrix is also
significant. In other cases the multivariate testing reflects
the majority position (significant or otherwise) under
univariate testing; with a few exceptions i.e., except Co
87021, Co 7219 and Co 6304 regression coefficients were
found to be non-significant in both cases either tested
univariately or multivariately. In these genotypes
regressions were found to be not significant for two traits
only and resulted not significance for Co 87021 and Co
6304 but significant for Co 7219 when tested by multivariate
analysis. The same can be said about the agreement in
the multivariate and univariate testing of deviation mean
squares. Deviation was observed to be not significant
for Co 6304 only by both the procedures i.e., univariate
as well as multivariate analysis

Keywords: Sugarcane, testing, stability, g x e Interaction


Year: 2003
Volume: 63
Issue: 1
Article DOI: NA
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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