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Relative selection efficiency (RSE) was studied using 32 half-sib and 96 full-sib progenies
produced through N.C.-I design in EC- 68414 population of sunflower. Days to 50
per cent flowering exhibited high R.S.E. for all the characters including seed yield
except plant height and husk content. Stem diameter had high RSE for head diameter,
number of leaves and number of seeds per head but, was not efficient for indirect
improvement of remaining characters. None of the remaining characters was found
efficient for indirect selection of seed yield. It is suggested that days to 50 per cent
flowering should be adopted as an effective indirect selection criterion for the genetic
improvement of seed yield in this population of sunflower.

Keywords: Sunflower, relative selection efficiency, direct selection, indirect selection, genetic improvement


Year: 2000
Volume: 60
Issue: 2
Article DOI: NA
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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