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Protein profile and species relationship in Trifolium

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The genus Trifolium commonly called clovers comprises
of 290 annual and perennial species. The important
annual types grown in tropical climate are T. resupinatum,
T. subterranum and T. alexandrinum. Egyptian clover (T.
alexandrinum) is the most important winter season legume
of India. Genetic improvement programmes on Egyptian
clover have not been substantially successful due to little
crossability among species in natural condition or through
conventional breeding techniques. Hence, present
investigation was carried out with a view to work out the
genomic relationship based on protein analysis among
various species of Trifolium. Fifteen genotypes
representing 12 species of the genus Trifolium were
subjected to leaf protein analysis using vertical
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis system and genetic
similarity were estimated. Several species specific bands
were also observed such as band numbers 4 and 9 in
T. hybridum, band number 10 in T. angustifolium, band
number 15 in T. vesiculosum, band number 23 in T.
a/exandrinum and band number 24 and 26 in T.
resupinatum. The similarity matrix showed the maximum
similarity of three T. alexandrinum accessions with T.
apertum (87% similarity). T. apertum and T. purpureum
clustered with four accessions of T. alexandrinum in one
cluster. T. alexandrinum along with T. apertum showed
74% similarity with T. purpureum which also showed
similarity with T. alexandrinum in terms of its erect nature,
branching pattern and profuse growth in isoclimatic
condition. T. alexandrinum showed least similarity with
T. pratense (26 to 33%) followed with T. hybridum (30%)
and T. echinatum (37-46 %). T. alexandrlnum has 12 bands,
out of which 11 are common with T. apertum and 9
common with T. purpureum. Work carried out in this
laboratory indicated that the morphological characteristics
of T. spertum also closely resembled with T. alexandrinum
and its crossability with T. alexandrinum (using embryo
rescue) supports the finding of leaf protein analysis that
the two species have close affinity.

Keywords: Trifolium, Egyptian clover, T. alexandrinum, protein profile, species relationship


Year: 2003
Volume: 63
Issue: 1
Article DOI: NA
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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