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Pod borer susceptibility reaction in interspesific hybrids of pigeonpea

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Seventy-two inter-specific plant progenies, derived by
crossing wild species viz., Cajanus cajanifolius, C.
acutifolius and C. scarabaeoides and cultivated lines viz.,
UPAS 120, Pant A 134 and ICPL 84023, were screened in
the field to isolate sources of resistance to pod borer
(Helicoverpa armigera). Pest Susceptibility Rating (PSR)
and reaction were worked out for pod and seed damage
in all F
3 progenies under study. On the basis of pest
susceptibility reaction, all 24 F3 populations derived by
utilizing wild species, C. scarabaeoides were found highly
resistant (HR) for pod and seed damage due to pod borer
in protected as well as unprotected condition as compared
to cultivated parents. Though moderately susceptibile
reaction (MS) was recorded in F3 population of UPAS 120
x C. acutifolius. F
3 progenies of ICPL 84023 x C. cajanifolius
and UPAS 120 x C. cajanifolius were noted highly resistant
(HR) for pod as well as seed damage even in unprotected
condition. However, two progenies of Pant A134 x C.
cajanifolius showed the least susceptible reaction (LS) in
unprotected condition. In general, all 72 F3 progenies of
nine inter specific hybrids evaluated for their reaction to
the infestation of pod borer showed very low level of pod
and seed damage as compared to pod and seed damage
in cultivated lines of the study

Keywords: Susceptibility reaction, Interspecific hybrids, pod borer, Cajanus sp., Helicoverpa armigera


Year: 2009
Volume: 69
Issue: 1
Article DOI: N/A
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906


Lokesh Kumar Gangwar,S. A. Kerkhi info_circle
S. K. Sachan info_circle

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