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Molecular profiling of maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines using SSR markers

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Ten maize inbred lines belonging to four source
populations were analyzed for polymorphism using a total
of 40 microsatellite or Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR)
markers. Unique alleles differentiating the inbred lines
could be identified. Cluster analysis based on SSR data
revealed genetic relationships among inbred lines partially
congruent with their pedigree and breeding history.
Breeding strategy for handling component lines of different
source populations as well as advancement of the available
elite lines is proposed based on the present study.

Keywords: Maize, inbred lines, molecular characterization, SSR markers


Year: 2005
Volume: 65
Issue: 4
Article DOI: NA
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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