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Molecular marker and phenotypic analyses for low phosphorus stress tolerance in cultivars and landraces of upland rice under irrigated and drought situations

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Low available phosphorous (P) is a major problem for
upland rice cultivation. Pup1, a major QTL responsible for
efficient P uptake is very important for upland rice. The
present investigation aimed to identify rice genotypes
having Pup1 QTL, thereby showing better P use efficiency.
Ninety six upland rice cultivars and landraces were screened
of which 46.88% showed presence of the Pup1 QTL. Seventy
six genotypes accounting for 79.17% of total population
showed probable presence of PSTOL1 gene. The cluster
analysis distinguished the irrigated, upland and aerobic
genotypes forming different sub-branches. The genotypes
Dinoroda, N22, Bowdel, Tepiboro, Bamawpyan, Karni,
Lalsankari, Hazaridhan, Surjamukhi and Kalinga 3 being
positive for all the molecular markers considered in the
study formed a distinct branch in the tree. The phenotyping
study also confirmed the usefulness of the Pup1 positive
genotypes. The Pup1 positive genotypes showed better Puptake than the Pup1 negative genotypes. More P-uptake
was observed in the genotypes Bowdel, Lalsankari, Karni,
N22, Tepiboro, Dular and Surjamukhi as compared to
Kasalath taken as the positive check. But the genotypes
that showed promisingly/significant better uptake than
Kasalath were Surjamukhi (irrigated P normal); Karni
(irrigated P deficient); Lalsankari (drought P normal);
Tepiboro, N22, Karni and Lalsankari (drought P deficient).
A general correspondence of irrigated situation showed
decreasing trend of P-uptake in P-deficient condition as
compared to P-sufficient condition. The genotypes
Surjamukhi, Karni, Lalsankari, Tepiboro, N22 and Bowdel
can be considered as donors to be used in marker-assisted
breeding programs for incorporation of Pup1 QTL into high
yielding popular varieties to increase their phosphorus
uptake efficiency.

Keywords: Pup1, PSTOL1, phosphorus deficiency, donor identification, upland rice


Year: 2018
Volume: 78
Issue: 1
Article DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2018.00007.X
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906


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