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Genetic analysis of yield traits in rice under irrigated and water stress environments

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Experiments were conducted to study the genetics and
combining ability for yield and its components under
irrigated (E I) and water stress environments (E II) using F1
hybrids derived from a full diallel mating involving four
drought tolerant and four drought sensitive rice genotypes.
Significant differences were observed for all the traits
studied in both EI and EII environments, except harvest
index in E II. Additive and non-additive gene actions for
days to flowering, biomass and harvest index and nonadditive gene action for grain yield in both the environments
were observed. Importance of additive gene action in E I
and non-additive gene action in E II was observed for grains
panicle–1, whereas shift in non-additive to additive from E I
to E II was observed for productive tillers plant-1. The
significance of gca and gca x environment interaction
indicated the differential contribution of parents for days
to flowering, biomass and harvest index. Based on the
mean values and gca effects, landraces Nootripathu and
Norungan were adjudged as the potential parents to
improve grain yield under stress, whereas CO43 and IR62266
were identified as good general combiners to improve grain
yield and its component traits under irrigated environment.
The hybrids viz., PMK2/CO43, CO43/Nootripathu,
Nootripathu/Kallurundaikar, Norungan/IR64, Kallurundaikar
x PMK2 and IR20 x IR62266 were identified as superior ones
for improving yield under water stress

Keywords: Rice, drought, diallel analysis, gene action, combining ability


Year: 2013
Volume: 73
Issue: 2
Article DOI: 10.5958/j.0975-6906.73.2.023
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906


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