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Genetic analyses and association studies of yield components and kernel sugar concentration in sweet corn

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A set of sweet corn genotypes generated using line × tester
(7 × 3) mating design, were evaluated at two locations
(Hyderabad and Delhi) for estimating combining ability
and heterosis of the genotypes and degree of association
of sugar concentration with yield and its component traits.
Genetic analyses revealed the importance of both additive
and non-additive gene action for kernel sugar
concentration, yield and its component traits, with relative
predominance of dominance variance over additive
variance. Significant effect of the environment on kernel
sugar concentration and almost all the yield related traits
indicated prominent role of environment in determining
the extent of expression of these traits. L6 (RIL62) was
identified as the best general combiner at both the
locations for sugar concentration as well as yield traits.
Some promising sweet corn genotypes, namely L6 (RIL62),
L3 (DMR-2320) and L7 (RIL91) at Hyderabad and L4 (DMR-
2322), L5 (RIL10), L6 (RIL62) and L7 (RIL91) were found to
be promising general combiners for kernel sugar
concentration at Delhi station only. Among the testers, T3
(Madhuri) was observed to be the best genotype for kernel
sugar concentration and other agronomic traits. L6 × T3
(RIL62 × Madhuri) among the crosses was observed to be
the best specific combiner for sweet corn trait at both the
locations followed by L7 × T3 (RIL91 × Madhuri) and L5 ×
T2 (RIL10 × Winorange). Analysis of heterosis for sugar
concentration over the popular sweet corn composites
(Priya, WinOrange and Madhuri) identified L6 × T3 (RIL62
× Madhuri) as the best cross combination with a heterosis
value of 48.47%, 38.82% and 24.83% at Hyderabad and
74.30%, 60.94% and 114.15% at Delhi over Priya,
WinOrange and Madhuri, respectively. The analysis also
showed that kernel sugar concentration was not
significantly correlated with any of the grain yield and its
component traits, suggesting the scope of genetic
improvement of kernel sugar concentration independent
of grain yield.

Keywords: Sweet corn, sugar concentration, combining ability, heterosis


Year: 2010
Volume: 70
Issue: 3
Article DOI: N/A
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906


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