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Development of microsatellite markers in finger millet (Eleusine coracana Geartn.)

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In the present study, for the first time an attempt was made
to isolate microsatellites in finger millet using pre-cloning
enrichment (selective hybridization) strategy which resulted
in isolation of very good number of micro satellites
(323).While developing the microsatellite-enriched library
for finger millet, more than 2200 colonies were screened,
and 1021 recombinant clones ranging from 500-1000bp were
selected for further sequencing. Sequence analysis revealed
that only 645 clones (63%) contained microsatellite motif
regions. Monorepeats C and T were abundant, whereas,
AG and CT class of dinucleotide repeats accounted about
21% and 30% respectively. Apart from the abundant, mono,
di-nucleotide and tri repeats, about 58 tetranucleotide and
62 penta repeats were also isolated.

Keywords: SSR, finger millet, enrichment, microsatellites, ragi


Year: 2021
Volume: 81
Issue: 3
Article DOI: 10.31742/IJGPB.81.3.14
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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