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Development of Cajanus platycarpus x Cajanus cajan hybrids through embryo rescue

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Crosses were made between pigeonpea [Cajanus eajan
(L.) Millsp.) and its wild relative C. platyearpus to diversify
the existing gene pool for the traits like earliness,
photo-insensitivity etc. through introgression of genes
from the later. Hybridization was attempted between
x C. eajan genotypes Pant A-3, UPAS-120,
BR-183, BR-65, ICP-6344, Bahar, BS-7-14-3, BS-7-8-2,
Pusa-9 and ICP 7119. Since, the pollen of
C. platyearpus
failed to germinate on the stigma of C. eajan, the former
was only used as the female parent. The crosses were
only successful in case of
C. eajan genotype Bahar, UP
AS-120, Pant A-3 and BR-65. The hybrid pod did not
develop properly and the ovule development was also
poor. In order to rescue the hybrid embryo, it was cultured
at different stages of development on MS medium
supplemented with various concentrations and
combinations of phytohormones. The best medium to
rescue the hybrids through embryo culture was MS+NAA
(0.5 mgtl) + BAP (0.5 mg/l). Only the hybrids
C. platyearpus
x C. eajan var. Bahar and A. platyearpus var. Pant A-3
could survive through embryo culture. These hybrids were
properly rooted and transferred to the pots for their
confirmation of hybridity and further evaluation. Isozyme
of peroxidase was used to confirm the hybridity

Keywords: Pigeon pea, wide hybridization, Cajanus platyearpus, embryo rescue, tissue culture


Year: 2006
Volume: 66
Issue: 3
Article DOI: NA
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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