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Combining ability and stability studies for grain yield and quality parameters in QPM (Zea mays L.) inbred line crosses

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Studies on combining ability, stability and G x E interaction
were carried out at two locations (Hyderabad and
Allahabad) and in two seasons (Kharif 2003 and Kharif
2004) for grain yield and three quality parameters viz.,
protein content, oil content and tryptophan content in 45
single cross hybrids developed using 10 x 10 diallel set
(excluding reciprocals). From this study it is inferred that,
the three hybrids P4 x P7, P2 x P6 and P5 x P10 were
considered as most stable and good specific combiners
for grain yield and quality parameters (protein, oil and
tryptophan content) along with higher per se values for
the four characters studied. These hybrids can be
exploited as better QPM hybrids for commercialization
across the wide environments through heterosis breeding
and also for the derivation of QPM inbred lines in
segregating generations. Among the ten parents, the
parents P3 and P1were found to be the best parents for
grain yield, while, the parents P4, P7 and P2 for protein, oil
and tryptophan content.

Keywords: QPM, Zea mays L., stability, combining ability, grain yield, quality parameters


Year: 2010
Volume: 70
Issue: 1
Article DOI: N/A
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906


G. Suresh Babu info_circle
E. Satyanarayana and R. Sai Kumar info_circle

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