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Breeding Dendrobium phalaenopsis-cane type hybrid in India: NRCO- 42 (Den. “Emma White” x Den. “Pompadour’’)

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A new Dendrobium hybrid, NRCO-42 is developed using
Dendrobium “Emma White” and Dendrobium “Pompadour”
as parents. The crossing and in-vitro raising of progeny
was done during 2003-04 and flowering obtained in 2007-
08. This double hybrid flowered with features of moth type
Dendrobium (D. phalaenopsis-cane type) with bigger
petals, overlapping petals and sepals (unlike D. nobilecane types) and purple colored (RHS N78A) having whitish
shade at base. Colour enrichment over male parent could
be due to the parentage of the hybrids used in crossing
program and their pedigree record. More numbers of
flowers are recorded in D. “Emma White” (9.5) than NRCO-
42 (5). The color of lip throat and column are whitish pink
and white respectively in NRCO-42, helped as phonological
markers. Side lobes of lip in new hybrid, NRCO-42 were
semi-arching over column, unlike broadly open in male
parent and semi open in female parent. Pedigree record
of both the hybrids that were used as parents has been
traced to origin with time frame which indicated that D.
phalaenopsis, a native species to Australia and New
Guinea, might have been extensively used in development
of modern hybrids of moth type (or) double humped
Dendrobiums. All the characters described support the
novelty in the new D. phalaenopsis-cane type i.e., moth
type hybrid, NRCO-42.

Keywords: Dendrobium phalaenopsis, Dendrobium species, Hybridization, section Ceratobium, Dendrobium nobile-cane hybrids


Year: 2009
Volume: 69
Issue: 3
Article DOI: N/A
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906


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