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Analysis of seed storage protein pattern: a method for studying genetic variation and diversity among vigna genotypes

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A method based in protein gel electrophoresis was
employed in order to improve the analysis of genetic
relationships among populations of Vigna. It has been used
to estimate genetic divergence among 34 improved
varieties, five local land races, one wild progenitor of
mungbean (Vigna sublobata) and a land race of urdbean.In
total, 20 polypeptide bands were resolved for seed storage
proteins (albumin and globulin) by SDS-PAGE. The
electrophoregrams revealed 11 and nine polypeptide
bands for albumin and globulin respectively that have
exhibited an array of polymorphism both in quality and
quantity of bands. The varieties, C. No. 3 and C. No. 36
had similar protein type for albumin and globulin seed
protein fraction, but differed in thickness of bands.
Mayurbhanj local (an urdbean local cultivar) and TCR 213
(a wild progenitor of mungbean) had absence of a globulin
band GL9 (27.5kd) and GL8 (30.2kd) respectively, but such
bands were present in all other accessions leading to serve
as molecular marker(s) for their identification. Mutants of
mungbean differed in polypeptide banding pattern as
compared to their parents indicating the mutation of genes
in multigene families for seed storage protein expression.
Cluster analysis revealed high genetic diversity of
Keonjhar local, Pant M-5, OUM 75-1 and Mayurbhanj
local(urdbean) from rest of the genotypes. The results
obtained support the idea that seed storage protein
analysis can be successfully applied to phylogenetic
analysis of Vigna genotypes.

Keywords: Genetic variation, seed storage protein, SDS-PAGE, protein finger printing, mungbean


Year: 2010
Volume: 70
Issue: 2
Article DOI: N/A
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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