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Analysis of phylogenetic relationships in Abelmoschus species (Malvaceae) using ribosomal and chloroplast intergenic spacers

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India is an important centre of diversity for genus
Abelmoschus belonging to family Malvaceae and about
eight Abelmoschus species occur here. In the present
study the phylogenetic relationships among A. caillei,
A. crinitus, A. esculentus, A. ficulneus, A. moschatus,
A. tuberculatus, A. tetraphyllus and A. pungens were
analysed using modern phylogenetic tools such as nuclear
ribosomal spacers (ITS-1, ITS-2) and chloroplast intergenic
spacers (trnC-trnD, trnE-trnF, trnH-psbA)to estimate
species divergence based on sequence similarity. The
study exposed the lack of power of ribosomal spacers ITS-
1and ITS-2 in resolving the species relationships in
complex polyploid genera like Abelmoschus while the
analysis of cpDNA intronic spacers revealed that
A. ficulneus and A. moschatus are the closest wild
relatives of A. esculentus. The study was helpful in
redefining the Abelmoschus gene pool and since these
species are exclusively found in the Indian sub continent,
the centre of origin of okra should be re-addressed

Keywords: Abelmoschus, chloroplast DNA, internal transcribed spacer, phylogenetic analysis, ribosomal DNA, trnC-trnD, trnE-trnF, trnHpsbA


Year: 2012
Volume: 72
Issue: 4
Article DOI: N/A
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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