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An alternative source for regenerable embryogenic callus induction from shoot tips of wheat [Triticum aestivum L.]

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A reliable and efficient protocol for the regeneration of
fertile plants derived from wheat [Triticum aestivum L.]
shoot tips has been developed in present study. Shoot
tips of 3, 4 and 5 days old seedlings of six wheat
genotypes were cultured on T medium containing 10 mgll
2, 4-0 for callus induction. Callus induction was
significantly best in 3 days old shoot tips. Therefore,
only 3 days old shoot tips were further used as a source
of explant. Callus induction was significantly higher
(82.9%) on T medium than 85 medium (76.3%) from 3
days old shoot tips. Callus initiation took place after 15
days on both the media. Regeneration took place through
embryogenesis followed by shoot morphogenesis. Only
20 to 25 per cent shoot regeneration was obtained when
both the calli (T and 8 5 medium derived) after 6 weeks
of inoculation were transferred on MS medium without
growth regulators or supplemented with 1 mgti SAP +
0.2 mgll NAA. Kinetin at all levels (0 to 5 mgt1) also
failed to induce shoot regeneration. However, 3 days old
shoot tips when cultured on MS medium beatified with
2.5 mgll 2, 4-0 (MS1) or 2 mgll 2, 4-0 + 0.2 mgll casein
hydrolysate (MS2). Callus initiation took place within 6-7
days. Callus induction percentage was observed upto
94.4 on MS
1 medium while 95.2 on MS2 medium. Shoot
regeneration was achieved when calli were transferred
after 5 weeks on MS medium bestified with 0.2 mgtl NAA.
Regeneration percentage ranged from 75.2 (MS1 derived
calli) to 83.3 (MS2 calli). Number of shoots per callus
ranged from 3-8 and highest number was observed in
WH 542. Regenerated plants were transferred to potted
soil where normal growth stages proceeded with 75 per
cent survival.

Keywords: Wheat, callus induction, shoot tips


Year: 2003
Volume: 63
Issue: 3
Article DOI: NA
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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