Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding


Volume 75 - Issue 2

Print ISSN - 0019-5200 | Online ISSN - 0975-6906

Research Papers

Haplotype diversity and association analysis of SNAC1 gene in wild rice germplasm
Bikram Pratap Singh, Balwant Singh, Vinod Kumar, Pankaj Kumar Singh, Pa
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00025.5
Genetic diversity for adult plant resistance to leaf rust in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
A. N. Mishra, K. Kaushal, V. G. Dubey and S. V. S
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00026.7
Genotypic variation for normalized difference vegetation index and its relationship with grain yield in wheat under terminal heat stress
K. T. Ramya, N. Jain, P. Ramya, P. K. Singh,G. P. , A. Arora, Shilpi Kumari,K. V. Prabhu
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00027.9
Diversity among maize landraces in North West Himalayan region of India assessed by agro-morphological and quality traits
A. Kumar, J. Kumari,R. Kumar, H. Singh, T. P. Sing, J. C. Rana, D. P. Chaudhary
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00029.2
Assessment of carotenoid and tocopherol level in sweet corn inbred lines during kernel development stages
Faqiang Feng, Qingfeng Wang,Jing Zhang, Ruichun Ya
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00030.9
Inheritance of kernel quality attributes in quality protein maize (Zea mays L.)
V. K. Agrawal, R. M. Singh, J. P. Shahi, R. K. Agr, D. P. Chaudhary
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00031.0
Mechanism of water-logging tolerance in pigeonpea
A. J. Hingane, K. B. Saxena, S. B. Patil,S. Srikan, R. Sultana
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00032.2
Assessment of genetic diversity based on agro-morphological traits and genic microsatellite markers in inter-specific derivatives and cultivars of pigeonpea
Kumar Durgesh, R. S. Raje, Anand K. Singh, A. M. Singh, Avinash Pandey, N. K. Singh
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00033.4
Selection of optimal q RT-PCR reference genes for gene expression studies in foxtail millet
Zhiyong Li,Yanbin Zhu, Nan Wang, Hui Bai, Li Dong
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00034.6
Phylogenetic informativeness of plastid regions in inferring the species relationships among Cucumis species
Nidhi Shubhanand, K. V. Bhat, Madhoolika Agrawal, K. Joseph John, Shrikant Sutar, S. R. Yadav, S. R. Rao
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00035.8
Role of leaf structure in resistance to powdery mildew in water melon
Hui-Jun Zhang, Yu Ge, Qiang Wang, Jian-Nong Zhang
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00036.X
Meiotic configuration and rDNA distribution patterns in Six Rubus taxa
Qing Chen,Haoru Tang, Yan Wang, Hong Nan, Li Zhang and Xiaorong Wang
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00037.1

Short Communication

Improvement of leaf rust resistance in bread wheat variety DWR162 (Triticum aestivum L.) through marker assisted selection
Arati Yadawad, R. R. Hanchinal, H. L. Nadaf, S. A.
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00040.1
Inheritance of low erucic acid in Indian mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. and Coss.]
Jai Singh, Devendra K. Yadava, Sujata Vasudev, Nav
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00042.5
Genetic variation among Jatropha curcas L. using dominant molecular marker collected from different agro-climatic regions of India
Pravas Ranjan Kole, K. V. Bhat, Rekha Chaudhury and S. K. Malik
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00043.7
Development of an ISSR-derived SCAR marker linked to apospory in buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris L.)
Krishna Kumar Dwivedi, A. Radhakrishna, S. Kumar
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00044.9
Molecular marker assisted back cross breeding for effective transfer of Lr19 in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Dharam Pal,Pratima Sharma,Madhu Patial,J. Kumar, S. C. Bhardwaj,Deepak Sharma, Shilpi Kumari,K. V. Prabhu
DOI: 10.5958/0975-6906.2015.00039.5

Notification of crop varieties and registration of germplasm

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