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Inheritance of photo-sensitivity in pigeonpea

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Pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] is a short-day legume
species and the late maturing genotypes are more photosensitive than early types. To generate information about
the inheritance of photo-sensitivity, this study was
conducted under natural and artificially extended (16 h)
photo-periods using F
1, F2 and BC1F1 generations. Under
natural photo-period, F
1 hybrids showed partial dominance
of earliness; while in F
2, a normal distribution that was
skewed towards earliness was observed. In contrast under
extended photo-period, the spread of F
2 data was wide
with discontinuities recorded at day 70, 82 and 103. Chisquare tests, when applied to F
2and BC1F1data, suggested
that three dominant genes (
PS3, PS2 and PS1) controlled
the expression of photo-sensitivity. These genes were
found operating in a hierarchical order with
PS2 and PS1
genes failing to express in the presence of PS3 gene.
Similarly in the absence of
PS3 gene, PS2 expressed but it
masked the expression of
PSKeywords: Cajanus cajan, chi-square, photoinsensitivity, qualitative inheritance


Year: 2021
Volume: 81
Issue: 1
Article DOI: 10.31742/IJGPB.81.1.6
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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