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Genetic analysis of leaf rust resistance in three common wheat cultivars MP 3288, HI 784 and HI 1418 under field conditions

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This study aimed to investigate the genetic basis of leaf
rust resistance in three bread wheat cultivars viz., MP 3288,
HI 1418 and HI 784 which have been maintaining high levels
of resistance to leaf rust since their release in 2011, 2000,
and 1983, respectively. These cultivars also possess leaf
tip necrosis phenotype. These were crossed with a
susceptible bread wheat cultivar Lal Bahadur and also
among themselves in non-reciprocal manner.The F1, F2 and
F3 populations were raised and the inheritance of leaf rust
resistance was studied using prevalent and highly virulent
Puccinia triticina pathotype 77-5 (121R63-1) during 2014-
17. These studies showed that the field (adult-plant)
resistance of these cultivars is governed by two dominant
genes each. Closely linked molecular markers L34DINT9F
and L34PLUSR revealed the presence of non-race specific
adult-plant leaf rust resistance gene Lr34 in all cultivars of
present study. Absence of the other documented race nonspecific APR genes viz., Lr46, Lr67 and Lr68 was indicated
in all the three test cultivars based on genotyping with
closely linked molecular markers WMC44, CFD71 and csgs,
respectively. The other dominant gene appears to be an allstage resistance gene since all the three cultivars displayed
high levels of seedling resistance to the test pathotype.
Stable resistance of these cultivars could be due to
synergistic/additive or complementary effects resulting
from the combination of Lr34 and the all-stage resistance

Keywords: Adult-plant resistance, Lr34, all-stage resistance, inheritance study, leaf rust resistance, leaf tip necrosis


Year: 2019
Volume: 79
Issue: 1
Article DOI:
Print ISSN: 0019-5200
Online ISSN: 0975-6906



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